How to Choose a Liver Cancer Treatment Center

Get The Facts on Liver Cancer Treatment in Baltimore

blog_imgAfter an initial liver cancer diagnosis, your primary care physician will likely have a list of specialists, surgeons, and treatment centers for you to consider. Determining the factors that are important for your individual needs is the first step in choosing the appropriate liver cancer treatment.

A secondary opinion may be recommended, which could lead to an even longer list of considerations. During such a difficult and challenging time, you don’t need the added stress of trying to figure out how to choose the best cancer treatment center for you.

Thankfully, this choice isn’t impossible. Learn what to look for and determine what you will need with your diagnosis to efficiently and effectively find the best solution for you.

When looking for liver cancer treatment in Baltimore, there are a number of factors to consider for best results. Let’s investigate a few that hold the most weight:


Location plays a major role in your choice. However, don’t limit yourself to one location right away. If you limit your options by location too early in the process, you may be left without options.

During treatments, you need a facility that you can access quickly and easily. Not only will you be making the drive, but you may also have friends and family members transporting you, so convenience is significant.


When looking for liver cancer treatment in Baltimore, consider expertise and staff. Does the center you’re looking at specialize in certain types of cancer treatments or procedures? Have they been given recognition or awards for their services?

Depending on what you need, expertise in a particular area could be helpful and reassuring. Even more so, expertise can mean the difference between average and excellent treatment.


What kind of accommodations does the treatment center offer? Your comfort is a prime concern while receiving treatments, so ensure they provide the necessary resources. Most treatment centers will allow you to tour their facilities prior to making a decision. Take advantage of this option, and make sure you feel comfortable in the facility.


Doctors and expertise usually go hand in hand, but be sure to consider individual doctors. When choosing a Baltimore liver cancer treatment center, determine which doctor will be working with you and what experience he or she has.

Have they been recognized individually for their patient care? Will they be working with a team of doctors to give you comprehensive treatment? If it makes you feel more contented, you can even ask for referrals.

Pancreatic and Liver Cancer Treatment in Baltimore, MD

When it comes to top-notch pancreatic and liver cancer treatment in Baltimore, consider Dr. Mark Fraiman. He is one of the most accomplished and experienced hepatobilary and pancreatic surgeons in the area and is known for developing extremely detailed and effective treatment plans.

Dr. Fraiman has helped many patients achieve superior outcomes through specialized treatment. With a convenient location, track record of positive results, and a team of skilled medical specialists, you can expect the best. For more information, please  contact Dr. Fraiman today!

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