8 Secrets to Keeping Your Liver Healthy and Happy

how to maintain a healthy liver

Your liver is among the topmost important organs in your body.  It is necessary for your liver to maintain optimal health for your body to function properly and for you to feel your best.

As your body’s main detoxification aid, as well as a major player in your body’s digestive process, the liver is important for your survival.  After all, there is a reason why everyone is born with a working liver.

In the past, we have discussed several ways to take care of your liver in order to prevent liver disease.  We have also looked at why having a low sodium diet is so crucial for those who have developed liver disease.

However, today we are going to look at how to maintain a healthy liver in the most general sense.  In fact, these 8 secrets are useful for anyone, regardless of their liver health.  That means even if you are in tip top shape, you can benefit from these exclusive health tips.

So, let’s get started.


8 Ways to Keep Your Liver Happy and Healthy


1. Educate Yourself About Food Labels

Understanding how to read food labels is an important skill not many people have mastered throughout their lives. However, there is a lot of beneficial information that can be gathered by simply turning over your food products at the store and checking out the nutrition label that is required in all states.  This is especially true when it comes to pre-packaged processed foods.

For those seeking to keep their liver healthy, it is important to avoid foods that have their natural fats removed.  Sure, low-fat diets are trendy and often effective for the right person.  But in general, terms such as “low-fat,” “fat-free,” or “low in calories” mean added sugar.  After all, your food needs to taste good right?  And, without fat, sugar needs to step in and add flavor.

Unfortunately, too much sugar, especially in processed foods, can harm your liver over time.  By avoiding this excess sugar, and simply enjoying foods with fat in them in moderation, you can avoid the extra strain that is placed on your liver during the detoxification process when there is too much sugar present.


2. Drink Your H2O

tips to keep liver healthyWater serves many purposes when it comes to your overall health.  As it relates to your liver health, water helps to flush out any remaining toxins that were present in your liver during the filtering process.  In addition, water helps keep your liver (and other vital organs) happy in the following ways:

  • Aids in digestion of foods
  • Helps to remove waste
  • Hydrates and lubricates organs
  • Regulates and maintains your body’s temperature
  • Moves essential vitamins and nutrients throughout your body

There is a reason why your Baltimore liver specialist will advise you to drink plenty of water each day.  It is one surefire way to keep your otherwise healthy liver happy.


3. Moderate Alcohol Intake

Whether you have liver disease or not, the regular consumption of alcohol wreaks havoc on your body, liver included.  When you consume alcohol, your body immediately recognizes this liquid as a toxin.  And, as with all toxins that your body encounters, the alcohol must be removed promptly.  This essentially places your liver into overtime as it filters the alcohol out of your bloodstream and attempts to move the toxins through you and out of your body as waste.  This is very taxing and can have harmful effects on your liver and your overall health.


4. Do Not Stress Eat

Stress itself is known for causing harm to our bodies.  Moreover, when you start eating due to stress, your body starts to focus on why you are stressed and how to alleviate those bad feelings.  This leaves less time for your body to focus on proper digestion of what is most likely too much food.  Again taxing the liver in this way is harmful and is bound to make you feel sluggish and more stressed.

In addition, when your body fails to concentrate on your liver’s function as a detoxification organ, bacteria and viruses are more likely to avoid the filtering process and enter the bloodstream making you sick.  This drop in immunity is something everyone wants to avoid.


5. Go Herbal

Though a more holistic approach to a happy liver might not be what your Baltimore liver specialist initially advises, there is no harm in trying to maintain a happy liver through your diet.  Try herbs such as dandelion root, milk thistle, and turmeric for optimal liver health.

Although there is some debate over whether these herbs actually help with overall liver health, there are those that believe that can achieve the following by supplementing their diets with herbs:

  • Liver cell restoration
  • Organ protection from free radical damage
  • Bile flow stimulation
  • Inflammation reduction

Just make sure you discuss any dietary changes with your liver physician.  Though these diet tips may work for some, it is important to make sure your health will not be negatively affected by supplementing in a holistic manner.


6. Give Yourself a Nightly Massage

Massages have been known to alleviate many problems such as anxiety, insomnia, and sports injuries.  However, it is also recommended in some cases for relieving digestive problems, some of which are related to an unhappy liver.

One great way to help your liver become a little less depressed is to gently massage it every night before you go to bed.  Start by laying on your back and rubbing gently in a circular motion near the bottom of your rib cage on the right side of your abdomen.  This will help improve your livers circulation, which is one of the most important processes your liver requires to function properly.


7. Drink Your Morning Cup of Joe

how to maintain a healthy liverAs debated as this issue is, it has become globally recognized by the World Cancer Research Fund that there is strong evidence that regularly consuming coffee can decrease a person’s chance of getting liver cancer.

More so, drinking coffee is known to help reduce inflammation.  Inflammation is one of the most common symptoms found in someone with liver disease and often leads to scarring and other severe health issues.  So go ahead and drink up.  Your morning brain, and your liver, will thank you.


8. Keep Away From Toxins

Every toxin you touch, inhale, or eat will end up in your bloodstream at one point or another.  By touching things such as cleaning products, insecticides, cigarette ingredients, and aerosol sprays, toxins absorbed through your skin enter the bloodstream.  Your liver, as the main detoxification organ, is then forced to recover that toxin-filled blood, strain it and remove those toxins as waste, and release the blood back into your body toxin-free.

This is very time-consuming and stressful for your liver.  After all, your liver has other functions to handle as well.  By introducing harsh toxins directly into your bloodstream when unnecessary, you are placing extra strain on your liver and causing it to become overworked and very unhappy.

In the end, taking care of your liver, whether you have liver disease or not, is vital to your overall health.  If you are looking for more tips to keep your liver healthy and you happen to live in the Baltimore region, contact Dr. Fraiman at the Liver and Pancreas Center.  Specializing in all things liver-related, and with decades of experiencing treating liver disease of all kinds, Dr. Fraiman can help you maintain your liver health in a proactive way.

So get in touch today and meet with Dr. Fraiman and his team of experts as you seek to keep your liver healthy, happy, and disease free.