What to Do After a Liver Cancer Diagnosis

Life After a Liver Cancer Diagnosis


Studies show one out of three people diagnosed with cancer will struggle with psychological disorders, such as anxiety or depression.

If you’ve been diagnosed with liver cancer, this statistic won’t surprise you – learning you have cancer can be one of the most frightening experiences of your life.

You don’t have to suffer through these feelings silently, however. If you’re struggling, consider the following tips for living with a liver cancer diagnosis.


Get the Facts

After a cancer diagnosis, it’s common to feel shocked, numb, or powerless. Confront these feelings and reclaim your life by researching your situation. While cancer is a serious disease, it’s far from untreatable.

Consult with a trusted doctor to learn exactly what your diagnosis means. Dr. Mark Fraiman is a leading pancreatic and liver cancer surgeon in Baltimore, MD. He can give you the facts about your specific case and offer well-informed recommendations.


Commit to Positive Thinking

Focusing on negative thoughts has an impact on your health, so stay positive any way you can. If you are an otherwise healthy individual, your chances of pulling through liver cancer tend to be higher. Consult with an accomplished liver surgeon to gain realistic expectations and continue to think optimistically about your future to nurture your body throughout the process.


Be Honest with Your Loved Ones

Nobody should have to go through such difficulties alone. Talk with your friends and family about any feelings or fears. Now is the time to ask for support. You may be surprised how much your loved ones provide for you during this time.


Speak to Other Survivors

Even if your loved ones are doing their best to understand, having cancer can be isolating. Finding support groups can be a great way to remind yourself you’re not alone. With the help of others in a similar situation, you can work through the challenge of a liver cancer diagnosis.


Get Organized

Appointments, medications, doctors’ phone numbers, and other information can be overwhelming. Stay organized with a binder or notebook to make sure you don’t miss engagements or worry about forgetting something. Keep a list of questions to ask your doctors.


If you or a loved one are seeking an expert liver cancer surgeon in Baltimore, consider Dr. Mark Fraiman. Named “Top Doc” by Baltimore Magazine for 7 years running, Dr. Fraiman was also named America’s Top Surgeon by Guide to America’s Top Surgeons Magazine this year for his thorough and compassionate care.


Recovery is possible with the help of an experienced and skilled doctor. Contact Dr. Fraiman today to learn more about your recovery.


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