Borderline Resectable Pancreatic Cancer

With over 20 years as a leading liver and pancreas surgeon in Baltimore, Maryland, Dr. Fraiman has helped numerous patients facing borderline resectable pancreatic cancer.

If you or a love one have been diagnosed with borderline resectable pancreatic cancer, Dr. Fraiman may be able to help you too.

Treatment for Borderline Resectable Pancreatic Cancer Now Possible

Localized pancreatic cancer involving the superior mesenteric artery, superior mesenteric vein, or portal vein “borderline resctable” has previously been viewed as inoperable or an unresectable disease.

Recent data incorporating multimodality therapy, in combination with Whipple surgery — that includes portal vein/superior mesenteric vein resection — has shown promising results, achieving long-term survival similar to those patients having a classically resectable disease.

Once patients are classified as “borderline resectable” based on imaging studies at the initial presentation, a multimodality approach to therapy can be planned in conjunction with a medical and radiation oncologist.

Patients typically receive induction chemotherapy, followed by radiation treatment. Surgery is performed for patients who exhibit no evidence of tumor progression or metastases during treatment.

The Whipple procedure is performed in conjunction with resection and reconstruction of the portal/superior mesenteric vein. Below are two videos that demonstrate this surgical approach.

Dr. Fraiman – leading pancreas surgeon in Baltimore, MD – describes the technique of Whipple surgery with portal vein resection for borderline resectable pancreatic cancer.
Watch as Dr. Fraiman performs a Whipple procedure with portal vein resection.