Whipple Procedure

What Happens During a Whipple Procedure

The Whipple Procedure is a complex operation for the treatment of cancer arising from the head of the pancreas, bile duct, or duodenum. During the performance of the Whipple Procedure, the head of the pancreas, duodenum, and common bile duct are removed (resected) and reconstructed as described in the videos below.

Choosing a Highly-Experienced Whipple Procedure Surgeon

This procedure is technically demanding, requiring great skill. Only surgeons with thorough training and experience should perform the Whipple Procedure at dedicated centers, such as our Liver and Pancreas Center at St Joseph Medical Center located in Baltimore, Maryland.

The videos below describe the Whipple Procedure in detail. Dr. Mark Fraiman is the expert pancreatic and Whipple Procedure surgeon in Baltimore, with the extensive experience and training necessary to perform this surgery with great success.

Dr. Mark Fraiman uses a graphic approach to describing the Whipple Procedure for his patients.
Leading Whipple Procedure surgeon in Baltimore, MD, Dr. Mark Fraiman explains the process with drawings.
The following video demonstrates intraoperative photos from s recent surgery. In this video, Dr. Fraiman demonstrates his technique for performing the Whipple Procedure plus portal vein resection.