Learn More about How to Improve Your Liver Health

How Do You Keep Your Liver Healthy?

Have you ever thought about the health of your liver?  If you have experienced any sort of liver disease, the answer to this question is probably yes. However, if you lead a relatively healthy lifestyle, have no symptoms related to liver disease, and have not experienced any type of trauma that may have damaged your […]

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Surgical Complications Related to Pancreatic Surgery

Anytime you undergo any type of surgery, there is a chance you may experience post-operative complications.  This is especially true if you have surgery to treat pancreatic cancer, or other common pancreatic disorders. Removing cancerous tumors or otherwise diseased pancreatic tissue is a serious operation and is not to be taken lightly before, during, or […]

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6 Early Signs You May Have Liver Damage

Although oftentimes stereotypically linked directly to a poor diet or excessive alcohol consumption, the truth is there are over 100 different types of known liver disease that can damage the liver of those as young as infancy all the way through old age. From severe infections to genetic disorders, liver disease is a serious medical […]

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Can Gallbladder Cancer Be Prevented?

Currently, there are no known ways to prevent the onset of gallbladder cancer.  In fact, gallbladder cancer is a rare disease that does not usually present any symptoms until in its later stages. Unfortunately, this often leads to a poor prognosis, making it harder for your Baltimore cancer surgeon to handle. Though there are no […]

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An Individualized Approach to Treating Your Bile Duct Cancer

There is no one way to treat bile duct cancer. With varying tumor sizes, several different possible locations both inside and outside of the liver, and the option for surgery depending on your individual diagnosis, bile duct cancer demands a complete health evaluation before determining a set treatment plan. Though the preferred method for treating […]

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