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Can Gallbladder Cancer Be Prevented?

Currently, there are no known ways to prevent the onset of gallbladder cancer.  In fact, gallbladder cancer is a rare disease that does not usually present any symptoms until in its later stages. Unfortunately, this often leads to a poor prognosis, making it harder for your Baltimore cancer surgeon to handle. Though there are no […]

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Determining the Extent of Your Gallbladder Cancer

Detecting gallbladder cancer can be a challenging task for even the most experienced gallbladder cancer surgeon.  For instance, there are typically no early signs or symptoms.  And, if symptoms do present themselves, they often mimic symptoms of other, more common illnesses. This means those who have gallbladder cancer may go for long periods of time […]

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Bile Duct Injuries Explained

Gallbladder disease is one of the most common digestive disorders that people experience in their lifetime. One of the most frequently recurring issues related to gallbladder disease is the formation of gallstones.  These small, hard masses of highly concentrated bile that form inside the gallbladder can cause swelling, pain, infection, blockages, and can even damage […]

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