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Signs You Might Have Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer is among the top thirteen most common cancers, for both men and women. Approximately seven percent of all cancer-related deaths are pancreatic. According to estimates by the American Cancer Society, in the United States alone in the year 2017: Around 53,670 individuals will receive a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Around 43,090 individuals will die […]

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Surgical Complications Related to Pancreatic Surgery

Anytime you undergo any type of surgery, there is a chance you may experience post-operative complications.  This is especially true if you have surgery to treat pancreatic cancer, or other common pancreatic disorders. Removing cancerous tumors or otherwise diseased pancreatic tissue is a serious operation and is not to be taken lightly before, during, or […]

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Pancreatic Cancer and the Whipple Procedure

Few cancers are as serious as pancreatic cancer.  Often showing no symptoms in its early stages, pancreatic cancer is usually detected long after it has metastasized to nearby organs, sometimes going as far as to enter the bloodstream. Most patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer receive a grim outlook on their chances of survival.  Even if […]

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Whipple Procedure Complications

Only 20% of all pancreatic cancer patients are eligible to undergo the complicated and often risky Whipple procedure. With only 3% of all cancer patients being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, the number of qualified Whipple procedure candidates is quite low. However, for those that are suitable for such a high-risk surgery, a positive outcome can often be expected. […]

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Pancreatic Cancer: A Review of Surgical Treatment Options

Approximately 3% of all cancer patients are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Though multiple options exist, sometimes surgery is the best method of treatment. For patients whose cancer has not yet spread, there are a surprising number of pancreatic cancer treatment options that attack the disease before it becomes unmanageable. Because surgery is so often paired […]

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What is the Whipple Procedure?

Before explaining the Whipple procedure, it may be helpful to explain the anatomy of the pancreas and its surrounding area.  The pancreas is responsible for producing enzymes necessary to the digestive process and even produces insulin and other hormones. The pancreas has four “parts”: The head The neck The body The tail It is connected […]

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Evaluating Pancreatic Cancer: 11 Causes and Risks

Are You at Risk? The Top Causes of Pancreatic Cancer Nearly 50,000 men and women are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year. Many people begin experiencing symptoms, but without pre-screening go undiagnosed until it has progressed. Understanding the causes and risk factors associated with pancreatic cancer is the first step to catching it early. About […]

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3 Common Surgical Treatments for Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer: A Review of Surgical Treatment Options More than 46,000 new cases of pancreatic cancer are diagnosed each year, many cases proving fatal without intervention. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are helpful alternatives, but despite the existence of multiple treatment options, surgery is the best method of treatment for many patients with pancreatic cancer. While […]

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