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Common Pancreatic Disorders

The pancreas is a much needed organ that not only helps with the digestive process, but maintains your body’s blood sugar levels by keeping a perfect balance with the help of hormones such as insulin and glucagon, among others. As with all organs in our bodies, the pancreas is susceptible to several disorders that can […]

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Healthy Diet after Whipple Surgery

Your Diet after Whipple Procedure Surgery

A pancreaticodudectomy, otherwise known as the Whipple Procedure, is a demanding surgical operation on your pancreas. Used for the treatment of pancreatic cancer arising from the head of the pancreas, bile duct, or duodenum, this procedure has been proven as promising so long as the cancer has not spread to any other areas of the […]

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What You Need to Know about Hepatitis A B and C in Maryland

Hepatitis A, B, and C:  What You Need to Know

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver due to a viral infection.  Although categorized generically as liver disease, there are many differences between the types of hepatitis including virus type, transmission route, and treatment protocols. The one similarity all hepatitis types share is the fact that it is possible you might have hepatitis and not […]

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What is the Whipple Procedure?

Before explaining the Whipple procedure, it may be helpful to explain the anatomy of the pancreas and its surrounding area.  The pancreas is responsible for producing enzymes necessary to the digestive process and even produces insulin and other hormones. The pancreas has four “parts”: The head The neck The body The tail It is connected […]

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Evaluating Pancreatic Cancer: 11 Causes and Risks

Are You at Risk? The Top Causes of Pancreatic Cancer Nearly 50,000 men and women are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year. Many people begin experiencing symptoms, but without pre-screening go undiagnosed until it has progressed. Understanding the causes and risk factors associated with pancreatic cancer is the first step to catching it early. About […]

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